hybrid theatre

What is Dadirri?

Dadirri is actually an Aboriginal Australian word, put very simply it means deep listening.  However, the written word cannot truly describe something that must be experienced and felt.  As such my definition is very reductive when compared with the understanding I now have of Dadirri, after working with my Aboriginal friends and colleagues at the Willin Centre, at the VCA, in Melbourne, Australia.  It was only after sitting and taking the time to have a conversation with these guys, that I came to experience what this word really means.

It's something that I can try to explain, but it's better that you start a conversation today with someone from our Aboriginal community, to really open your mind to another way of living.  An ancient way of living-I wish I had have learned about as a kid.  And I wish I had lived with more Aboriginal kids and people in my life, their culture spans far further and deeper than my own. 

I can learn from others about their culture and the culture I want to continue.  My art comes from a place of deep listening, I hope it provokes others to do the same thing - listen... deeply.