hybrid theatre


" we mine the spark that   
   stirs spirits
   starts hearts..

Illumine Hybrid Theatre is an example of international, collaborative theatre practice.

Dadirri is the mission.

Beyond borders is the plan...

This international, interdisciplinary theatre company creates quality, new work with an emphasis on pluralism.  The voices and expression of females and minority groups are the company's main focus.

There are three complementary arms of the company
Each arm reaches inside the others to feed and cultivate a long-term, self-perpetuating arts ecology*.

*The company does not exclusively work with professional performers, we are also working with the wider community with the aim of nurturing individual and social well-being by
  • providing space for self-expression
  • building self-confidence through embodied practice & theatre arts
The facilitation of embodied, collaborative arts making processes, within diverse community groups, aims to develop new, relevant art work-by the community, for the community.

Cara Dinley is the Founder of illumine hybrid theatre, she is also the creative producer and auteur of the company's debut work 'The Golden Years Are Now.'

Cara completed her Masters in Directing for Performance at the VCA, which led her to train for six months with Song of the Goat Theatre in Poland in 2017.  After which she developed a new work in Cyprus at MITOS with a group of international artists she met while in Poland.  

Back in Australia in 2018 she assisted Adena Jacobs in her production of The Crucible at the VCA, directed The Death of Walt Disney, for MKA and wrote for Madwomen Monologues.  In 2019 she directed Rising a first commissions project with the VCA.  She has just directed a short movement film Call to Ground, and is currently writing a novel.

Her major influences are Legend Lin, Complicite, Robert Wilson and Sankai Juku.

Following a professional national and international onstage performance career in major musical theatre productions, Cara has been in demand as a choreographer, director, performing arts educator, producer and manager of artists & events for the past 15 years.

As an arts developer & educator Cara has worked with numerous students & professional artists across a wide range of mediums to assist in their creative process from inception to completion. She is an expert dance and 'triple-threat'​ performing arts teacher and has lectured at VCA, VCASS, University of Ballarat and has worked consistently for Stage School Australia.

Cara has successfully cultivated artistic partnerships, sourced funding & sponsorship, selected and managed venue interactions and communications in her work as a producer of: festivals and major musical productions.
Cara has also completed an Advanced Diploma in Creative Arts (Screen & Media).