hybrid theatre

hybrid practice

wholistic, interdisciplinary practice, research and development of new work

-by the community, for the community.

illumine hybrid practice has been systematically adapted from interdisciplinary theatre practices, accumulated over twenty-five years in Australia & most recently from Europe. 

interdisciplinary performance practice

What is it?

Full bodied physical and vocal expression is found using comprehensive exploration methods which expand the individual's embodied 'library'.  These methods focus on sensory awareness, while simultaneously strengthening the whole performance 'body'. 

This diverse set of practices encourage self-knowledge and self-discipline.  They provide the structure from which, reliable creative impulse sparks.  They are the foundation from which new live arts and theatre can fruit. Gradually, self-knowledge and confidence builds within individuals while a shared language is developed within the group.  This shared language enables a collaborative culture, which cultivates new arts work and necessarily new practices.

These practices are not based in traditional dance, circus or singing languages/forms, instead a heightened sensory awareness is developed, drawing on a range of embodied global practices, which expand the bounds of improvisation and facilitate authentic self-expression.  Exercises which focus on listening to voice of the body and sharing the body of the voice, allow a connection to self which empowers the individual and the group.

Who is it for?

This practice is for everyone.  It is not only for performers.  At the very heart of this practice is the understanding that every human being has the need to express their creative selves.  To be seen and heard.  To belong.  As such, this practice promotes both individual and social well-being through performance expression and feeds into the creation of new arts work (see below).  Both inexperienced participants and more experienced performers will gain significantly from the opportunity to witness each person's unique qualities and skills.  In the same way, participants will benefit from the diverse interests and experiences of those of varying ages.

(Currently the training is open to participants 18 years and over.) 

research & development

Collaboration and devising

The above practice develops the physical-emotional strength, flexibility and physical and vocal libraries, for creating a performance language for the individual and the group to refer to.  The individual and group performance bodies are then equipped to celebrate the pluralism of the group through all aspects of the research and making processes, with the assistance of the shared language developed by the practice.  The group decides and devises the collaborative processes necessary for the works that are made.  As a result, adaptive, malleable collaborative processes are developed within a culture that promotes diversity and unity.  Facilitators will guide these processes and lead the collaborative process as required.

Intensive workshops will begin January, 2018.

Please email to register your interest.