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Trailer of our first development!

The Golden Years Are Now - development trailer from Cara Dinley on Vimeo.

...In a world where the subconscious bleeds and time and space are fluid, the woman Hedda Gabler is re-imagined, her unborn child watches from a different dimension. This fragmented fairytale reaches inside the bodies of these characters revealing their deepest desires and flickers of ancient memory. A friendly competition turns sour, unearthing remnants of an everlasting history. Mother and Daughter finally meet each other and find their story together, the story that started all of this. Songs of mourning bring a fractured family back together.

The Golden Years Are Now is an interdisciplinary theatre work, in development, written and directed by Cara Dinley, presented by Illumine Hybrid Theatre. This footage was taken during the first development phase, supported by the Center of Performing Arts Mitos in Cyprus, September, 2017. 
We are now looking for support to enable a second stage of development, which would complete the work and see it tour Europe in 2018. Click here for: Biographies, images and more info 
Cast Collaborators: Anu Almagro (FINLAND), Saale Kreen (ESTONIA), Yorgos Onisiforu (CYPRUS), Julien Touati (FRANCE)
Theatreologist, Costume Designer: Myrto Sarma (GREECE)
Electronic Music Composition: Doris Hallmägi & Saale Kreen (ESTONIA)
Adapted motive from Forgotten People's "Karelian Destiny" Veljo Tormis 
Lighting Designer, Technician: Lukas Walewski (POLAND)